Recent or submitted publications

Etienne Grandjean and Louis Jachiet:
Which arithmetic operations can be performed in constant time in the RAM model with addition?
CoRR abs/2206.13851 (2022).

Théo Grente and Etienne Grandjean:
Conjunctive grammars, cellular automata and logic.
AUTOMATA 2021:8:1-8:19.

Etienne Grandjean, Théo Grente and Véronique Terrier:
Inductive definitions in logic versus programs of real-time cellular automata.
hal-02474520v1 (2020).
Accepted under minor corrections by Theoretical Computer Science.

Etienne Grandjean and Théo Grente:
Descriptive complexity for minimal time of cellular automata.
LICS 2019: 1-13.

Nicolas Bacquey, Etienne Grandjean and Frédéric Olive:
Definability by Horn formulas and linear time on cellular automata.
ICALP 2017: 99:1-99:14.

Etienne Grandjean, Frédéric Olive:
A logical approach to locality in pictures languages.
J. Comput. Syst. Sci. 82(6): 959-1006 (2016)

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